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The vehicle safety has been a big problem disturbing the fleet managers. Once an accident occurs, there will produce casualties, reduction in business productivity as well as great loss in property. So, an effective fleet management solution is very indispensable to this issue to ensure vehicle safety and improve business productivity.

What problems do business meet in fleet management?

1.Chaotic management in large fleet in the enterprise

2.Hard to pursue accident accountability because of different drivers drive in one vehicle.

3.How can a rescue be timely implemented when a vehicle encounters an accident during the journey?

4.How can the hazards such as driver fatigue, driving against prescribed routes, making calls while driving or other illegal driving behaviors be eliminated?

5.Where is the vehicle? How is it going on with the vehicle? How is the road condition?

6.How an accountability can rapidly and effectively distinguished from an accident?


What Does Business Benefit From The Fleet Management Solution?

CareDrive’s fleet management solution is firstly designed to prevent impending accidents; once an accident takes place, fleet managers will be timely informed to adopt rescue measures; also, the information from the report sheets, images and video can provide details and evidence for the managers to find out the accident reasons and responsible party. The solution, finally, is to protect business from casualties and huge property loss, thus improving business productivity and performance. The benefits can specifically come as:

1.Real-time monitoring on driver behaviors and warning of impending accidents.

2.Providing details and data on driver training and evaluation, and better setting driver schedules and enhancing work efficiency.

3.Effectively raising driver awareness in safety driving and standardize driver behaviors in combination with relevant rewards and penalties mechanism.

4.Helping business reduce 90% accident rate.

5.Fewer accidents means fewer driver casualties, fewer work interruptions and lower costs and insurance premium.

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CareDrive is a global leading brand in the field of automotive safety management, specializing in providing professional solution and service for different vehicle fleets. Since established in 2000, CareDrive always insists on independent development and customer-oriented philosophy, maintains advanced creativity, and performs strict controls in the product quality.

The brand “CareDrive” under Hao Nai has won worldwide reputation in the line of automotive safety management. CareDrive always insists on independent development and customer-oriented philosophy, maintains advanced creativity, and performs strict controls in the product quality. All systems come out in accordance with the standard of CE and ROHS.

With years of efforts, CareDrive has successfully acquired trust and support from global customers including world 500 top enterprises and the products have covered more than 150 countries with an export rate over 95%.

CareDrive’s dream: help the fleet reduce 90% accidents, get every driver home safely.

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