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CareDrive's outward bound at Whampoa Military Academy


Time was fleeting, two days outward bound at the Whampoa Military Academy have ended, but the scenes that our CareDrive team worked together and made every effort to achieve our goals are still vivid.

Time was fleeting, two days outward bound at the Whampoa Military Academy have ended, but the scenes that our CareDrive team worked together and made every effort to achieve our goals are still vivid. Two dayswas short comparing to the whole life, but the lessons it taught and the harvest we got were significant.

On the way to the Whampoa Military Academy training base, CareDrive team members were hopeful. It would be the first test of our teamwork ability. Everyone was eager to beat the other four teams from four different companies. I deeply felt the cohesion of our team, though the competition had not yet begun.

CareDrive Team
Team of CareDrive

The first morning, a 107 person group composed of five teams was assembled for the squad formation training. The moremembers the group had, the more difficult the training would be. Thanks for the teamwork spirit our five teams had, we quickly met the instructors requirement. In the afternoon, we played a game, named as start from scratch, a test of business and innovative ability. In this part, although nearly half of the memberswas not a salesman, our CareDrive team did everything we could to be the winner. We moved luggage, washed dishes, sang and so on. We believed that no pain no gain. It was every team members’ hard work made CareDrive take the second place.

Start from scratch
Start from scratch

The next morning was Da Vinci code game , a good test of five teams’ decision-making and division of work. In this part, our team failed. In the first round,our team ‘s performance was poor, the division of work was not clear, the whole discussion was relatively scattered, the strategy was not rigorous. Although the next few rounds of the game have been adjusted, it was too late. Fortunately, under the leadership of our team leader, we reflected to find out the causes of our failure. This failure made us painful. But we profoundly realized that the disaster was blessing, that failure was also a chance to know our drawback.

Da Vinci code
Da Vinci code

At lunch break, our team leader assembled us to point out the causes of failure in the morning, make a corresponding strategy and make a good division of work for the afternoon.

The effect was immediate. Our team performed well in the afternoon. There were games, named as grafting and energy transfer respectively,tests of the entire team’s action and slogan. In this game, everymembers worked together to performtheir own duties. Though we failed to take the first place, the result was no bad.

What impressed me most deeply was the last game, name as graduation wall. In this park, five teams’ leaders were subject to great penalties. The challenge made our big group’s"soul" to play most vividly. And therefore, an unexpected result was achieved. In about 16 minutes or so, over 105 peoplesuccessfully climbed over the 4.2-meter high graduation wall, four times faster than the expected objection. We can do what we want, if we try our best.

Graduation wall
Graduation wall

The outward bound activitywas like a break through the cocoon.The fatigue and frustration were the preparations for the final rebirth. My deepest feeling was that the team was like a dragon boat, each member was a oarsman. Only when all oarsmen were consistent in one direction to move forward, the dragon boat was able to rushed to the end fastest. Personally, what we should do is to start with the internal driving force, strive to improve ourselves, perform our own duties.

group photo
group photo

A good company, as the instructor said, is not a gang, but a team. Each person should contribute our own talentto maximize the company’s benefits. All department should work together to get a higher achievement for the company.

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