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  • How to Avoid Collisions When Dr

    Driving a vehicle can be as safe or as dangerous as you allow. The majority of car accidents are caused because drivers are either not p

  • How Can Trucks Drive Safely On

    Driving on the highway at night can be very dangerous if you are not aware of the rules and not familiar with the road situations.

  • 5 Tips for New Truck Drivers

    Compared to passenger cars, trucks are replaced at a faster rate. But many drivers are still not aware of how to drive a new truck to ex

  • Dec 01,2016

    UK drivers show reservations on driverless and electric cars

    According to a new survey conductedby industrial connectors and components distributor Northern Connectors, almost two-thirds of respondents claimed safety issues, such as the driver not being in full control of their vehicle, as a main disadvantage

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  • Nov 30,2016

    Six Tips To Help Avoid Tailgaters

    Maybe you are so responsible a driver that always remember to drive and behave reasonably on the road. No driving drunk, no over-speed, no tailgating...But its sometimes so inevitable when you meet those crazy...suddenly you hear a car honking its ho

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  • Nov 29,2016

    Healthy Habits for Over-The-Road Truck Drivers

    As a Long Distance Truck Driver, You May Be Guilty of Some Bad Habits

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  • Nov 29,2016

    The Second Nature of Drivers: Distracted Driving

    Distracted driving has slowly become second nature to drivers. Smartphones and voice-activated devices haveput drivers into habit ofmultitasking. With an all-in-one communications, entertainment, and information device at the palm of your hands, the

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  • Nov 28,2016

    How To Choose A Driving School

    You need to find a driving school for yourself or your teen? Its a big decision, putting your kid behind the wheel for the first time. Yes, safety! That is the thing you want to ensure for your kid. But how can you find the right driving school? A re

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  • Nov 25,2016

    South Africa CAIA: Be Aware On The Road, Truck Drivers!

    Drivers travelling in congested traffic especially during peak time are urged to be cautious of commercial transport on the roads by chemical industry. These truck drivers most of time are carrying heavy loads or potentially hazardous goods. In minin

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  • Nov 24,2016

    USA Regulations On Commercial Vehicles Size And Weight

    The Federal regulations of United States on the size and weight of commercial motor vehicles are in place for the safety of all vehicles using the interstate highway system. Vehicle Size Regulations In 1956the regulations were enacted the first time

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  • Nov 23,2016

    Are you a distracted driver?

    Distracted driving has slowly become second nature to drivers. Though we dont get behind the wheel with the intentions to disregard traffic, I cant be the only one pleading guilty of not always giving the road my full and undivided attention. As you

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  • Nov 22,2016

    Higher Speed Won’t Save Your Time

    Driving at a speed exceeding the limit of traffic conditions will certainly bring great hazards to the vehicle, the driver as well as those in the vehicles and road fellows. This is a risk that could be paid by lives. Each incremental increase in spe

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  • Nov 21,2016

    Think Ahead Before Driving To Minimize The Risk

    Even if we humans are touch creatures, we must admit the fact the life is fragile. How can we mitigate the threat posed to an active life? The answer is to recognize the risks and eliminate or manage them. Thats why practice of defensive driving is s

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  • Nov 18,2016

    FMCSA Banned The Driver Who Crashed Truck After Failing Drug

    On Sep.14th, the Utah-licensed truck driver Eddie D. Pricewas involved in a crash with a pick-up truck on the day after he was confirmed to fail the DOT-required pre-employment controlled substances test. Both the driver and passenger of the pick-up

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  • Nov 18,2016

    Truck Driver Fatigue Causes Two Fatalities In Highway Wreck

    At approximately 11 p.m., Oct.10th, 2016, acommercial truck towing a trailer drifted into oncoming traffic, hitting and killing a Utah coupleon their way to a hockey tournament in Denver with their two sons, has been arrested for investigation of veh

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