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  • How to Avoid Collisions When Dr

    Driving a vehicle can be as safe or as dangerous as you allow. The majority of car accidents are caused because drivers are either not p

  • How Can Trucks Drive Safely On

    Driving on the highway at night can be very dangerous if you are not aware of the rules and not familiar with the road situations.

  • 5 Tips for New Truck Drivers

    Compared to passenger cars, trucks are replaced at a faster rate. But many drivers are still not aware of how to drive a new truck to ex

  • Jun 19,2015

    Our Dragon Boat Festival

    Tomorrow is our Dragon Boat Festival, it is the traditional festival in China to commemorate a famous poet called Qu Yuan. We will eat zongzi, kind of rice pudding and have dragon boat races. Here I share some pictures and wish to share mor

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  • Apr 29,2016

    Eye Tracking Technology Works Out In Reducing Accidents

    These years the monitoring and early warning technologies on drivers fatigue and distractions, due to their development prospects and effects in reducing traffic accidents,have been highly valued by countries around the world. Some already

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  • Oct 22,2015

    How To Keep Your Workforce Safe On The Road

    With so many factors coming into play, it can be hard to visualise all of the things you need to do to maintain a safe working environment for your drivers. Are you doing all you can to keep your workforce safe on the road? Staying safe on

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  • Jul 07,2015

    Driver fatigue: symptoms, cause and effects

    Being fatigued significantly increases the risk of a crash. It makes us less aware of what is happening on the road and impairs our ability to respond quickly and safely if a dangerous situation arises. Driver fatigue is believed to contrib

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  • May 28,2015

    Top 21 Safe Driving Tips

    Hitting the road on your next trip? Whether youre heading to Grandmas with the kids or hitting Route 66 for a cross-country jaunt, dont leave home without our tried and tested driving tips. Read on to learn more about avoiding traffic, savi

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  • May 14,2015

    Riding and clibing Dr hill

    On18thApril,Weorganizedanoutdooractivity,ridingandclibingDrhill,itssorelaxedandenjoy. Letsseethesmile. Springwindwakesuptheearth,inspiretheenthusiasticlife.Allofusexperiencedunique naturalbeautifulsceneryofDr.Hill.,alongwithgentlebreeze,bir

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  • May 07,2015

    Be taken seriously! ---Drowsy driving crashes result in high costs

    According to the National Sleep Foundations 2013Sleep in Americapoll, 60% of adult drivers about 168 million people say they have driven a vehicle while feeling drowsy in the past year, and more than one-third, (37% or 103 million people),

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  • Apr 16,2015

    2015 China Hazardous Chemicals Logistics and Road Transportation International Summit

    China is a big country for hazardous chemical substance production and transportation. 95% of hazardous chemical substance involves remote transportation, 80% of them is road transport. Hazardous chemicals logistics and transportation is a

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  • Dec 23,2014

    We are back from 2014 Automechanika Shanghai

    As one of the worlds internationally renowned Automechanika tradeshow, 2014 Automechanika Shanghai can be the largest tradeshow expect Germany. There are 17 pavilions in this exhibition, 5000 exhibitors from 37 countries show their newest p

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  • Nov 07,2014

    Fatigue driving a truck rushed to the shop doors

    The morning of November 4, 2014, when a heavy truck drove up to the next to the store ,due to the driver is fatigue, the truck is loss of control, then the truck rushed into the door of the shop, but fortunately no casualties. It is underst

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  • Nov 01,2014

    What is MR688?

    MR688 is a driver fatigue monitor prevented by the Guangzhou HaoNai electronic technology limited company for many years research and development. MR688 is composed of a base and a host computer. The host machine is composed of a camera, in

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  • May 25,2016

    Analysis on Application of fleet management system based on GPS

    A team should manage how management can be fit? How to effectively prevent driver fatigue driving? How to understand the status of the vehicle at any time? GPS positioning system can be said to be able to solve the problem in a certain exte

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