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Continental group may acquire digital map company HRER 8%-10% of the shares


Predecessor as the field of car navigation equipment, the largest enterprise, renamed after the digital map company HRER in high-precision maps and other technical strength still can not be underestimated.

Predecessor as the field of car navigation equipment, the largest enterprise, renamed after the digital map company HRER in high-precision maps and other technical strength still can not be underestimated. A few days ago, a German media reported that the German auto parts supplier Continental Group intends to acquire HERE about 8% to 10% of the shares, it is learned that the agreement will be signed in September, the two sides will sign an agreement in September.

Continental Group
Continental Group

All along, HERE has been involved in the fields of automatic driving, auxiliary driving, navigation and vehicle systems technology development, which coincides with the needs of mainland groups. To date, HERE has map data for nearly 200 countries in the world, voice navigation in 97 countries, and 41 countries providing real-time traffic information with massive map data. In addition, HERE is developing a man-made driving technology, hoping to collect drivers driving habits data to promote the development of automatic driving technology.

HERE company
HERE company

As early as 2013, the Continental Group and IBM, Cisco to develop high-precision dynamic map, followed by HERE also joined the cooperation. In the auto driving strategy released by the Continental Group in October 2014, it was suggested that the linkage between the digital map and the infrastructure should be resolved before 2025 and is expected to be implemented in phases starting from 2018. According to Continental Group software engineers, the company plans to launch a dynamic map product called e-Horizon, traffic information will be updated at any time.

HERE's direct rival, TomTom, chose German automaker Bosch, and the two sides collaborated on high-precision mapping systems based on Bosch radar sensors. TomTom has maintained the status of an independent map company and announced in January that it would acquire an autopilot company called Autonomos. In addition to this, we announced the collaboration with QUALCOMM to explore the Crowdsourcing high-precision mapping method, combined with Qualcomm's driving data platform and TomTom's high-precision map product line.

HERE said the company needs more money to expand the high-precision map network, for which it is communicating with other investors. The German media reported that Ford was considering investing in HERE, but did not elaborate.

For autopilot cars, not only need a variety of hardware devices and a powerful computing platform, while the navigation function needs to map data support, so also need high-precision map to play the "steering wheel" role. As the driving force of the "steering wheel", the importance of high-precision map is self-evident, the past decade, HERE has attracted a number of famous enterprises of the acquisition or shares, including Nokia, German car business camp, Tencent, Singapore government Investment companies, Intel and other corporate organizations.

A variety of CareDrive car-assisted driving products
A variety of car-assisted driving products

HERE is not only in the navigation and vehicle system technology, as well as automatic driving aided driving technology development business, China has an auxiliary driving field of outstanding companies - Hao Nai Industrial Co., Ltd. It is a company focused on driving safety research and development, production and sales in one company, and Beijing Tsinghua University and South China University of Technology to set up a car active safety product research and development center. Now has its own independent research and development center, the core R & D staff has many years of automotive intelligent electronic and visual technology research and development experience, has been developed for different models of multi-version of CareDrive brand driver fatigue warning system and vehicle collision warning system Car-assisted driving products, selling products around the world more than 150 countries and regions. For more information about the product you can call CareDrive official hotline: 0086 20 66617198, CareDrive official website: http://www.care-drive.com.

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