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CareDrive: How to travel safer in the intelligent driving era


National Bureau of Statistics released data show that in China in 2016 the number of road traffic accidents is about 40,824 people, compared with 36,178 people in 2015, an increase of 4646 people.

National Bureau of Statistics released data show that in China in 2016 the number of road traffic accidents is about 40,824 people, compared with 36,178 people in 2015, an increase of 4646 people. China's motor vehicle driver's license number of over 300 million, the world's first, with the increase in car ownership, traffic accidents will increase the number of trends.

Statistics of the cause of the accident show that 64% of the drivers before the accident had speeding behavior; 47% of the drivers were handwritten or voice for instant messaging; 13% of the drivers were poisoned or drunk. If these drivers are driving an autopilot, the damage caused by these accidents will be greatly reduced or will not happen.

When the car into the artificial intelligence era, mature automatic assisted driving technology can improve traffic efficiency and reduce casualties. Audi, Tesla, Volvo and other car prices are all in the study of unmanned automatic driving technology.

Audi has recently launched a new generation of flagship model A8, is the world's first equipped with L3 level automatic driving system production models, the system can take over the vehicle in a particular road conditions, to achieve automatic follow the car, automatic line, automatic acceleration, automatic side parking, The driver only need to re-control the vehicle when necessary.

Volvo also started the Drive Me test, starting from 2017 there will be 100 customers in the Swedish road driving with IntelliSafe Autopilot XC90 car road test.

Unmanned driving is the ultimate form of intelligent vehicle, and ADAS (Advanced Assisted Driving System) is the only way to achieve this goal, ADAS is the use of a variety of sensors installed in the car, the first time in the collection of vehicles Internal and external environmental data, static, dynamic object identification, detection and tracking and other technical treatment, which allows the driver in the fastest time to detect the possible danger, to avoid the occurrence of similar rear-end and other accidents. Including LDWS (lane offset alarm system) and FCWS (front vehicle crash warning system) and other functions.


LDWS is an advanced driver safety assistance system that alerts the vehicle when it does not take the initiative to deviate from the lane, which has significant practical utility for long-distance driving or often at night.


FCWS is the ability to determine the potential risk of collision by sensing and calculating the distance between the vehicle and the vehicle during travel and immediately warn that FCWS has a problem with the driver's distraction in front of the situation, fatigue, or the use of a cell phone Significant practical utility.

CareDrive Vehicle Collision Warning System AWS650
CareDrive Vehicle Collision Warning System AWS650

No matter how good your car, how long driving, more or less experienced a thrilling, if there is an all-weather work to help you, I believe this is a great gospel. In order to experience artificial intelligence, deliberately to buy an Audi or Tesla, for most people seem unrealistic, but the market has been mature adas system loaded CareDrive brand vehicle collision warning system AWS650, let you experience Tesla-like intelligent technology. As one of the main intelligent vehicle products of Hao Nai Industrial Co., Ltd, AWS650 has the functions of prevention: rear-end, lane deviation, collision pedestrian, speeding and other risk, to help the driver react in time to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents. As well as fatigue driving alarm system and more products, would like to know can call the official hotline: 0086 20 66617198, or visit the official website: http://www.care-drive.com.

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