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Several car manufacturers in China started to participate in the field of intelligent truck ADAS


Although not yet mass-produced, but Tesla's smart electric truck Semi has been receiving orders from large companies such as PepsiCo. China's smart truck technology is also on the rise.

Although not yet mass-produced, but Tesla's smart electric truck Semi has been receiving orders from large companies such as PepsiCo. China's smart truck technology is also on the rise. A number of domestic car makers have started to attack the domestic truck ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) and embedded artificial intelligence companies like Horizon Robotics.

At present, ADAS system has been maturely applied in the passenger car market, and some high-end models are designed with some functions. In the domestic sales of imported trucks, ADAS system has long been configured. Such as Volvo FH models, standard VDS dynamic steering system, along with lane keeping system, fatigue driving warning system, ACC adaptive cruise control system with emergency brake and LCS lane change assistant system.

Volvo FH truck
Volvo FH truck

On the face of it, domestic truck users seem to be unfamiliar with ADAS. In fact, the mainstream domestic truck companies have started the technical route and product layout.

At the 60th anniversary of China National's Heavy Duty Truck Co., Ltd. in 2016, the first generation of China National Heavy Duty Truck, the first smart truck, was released with various driving assistance systems including CWS, AEB, adaptive cruise Control system (ACC), lane departure warning system (LDW) and so on.

China's heavy truck I first smart truck
China's heavy truck I first smart truck

October 6 this year, FAW Jiefang smart truck has also completed the actual measurement of the highway, the test functions include adaptive cruise (ACC), emergency brake (AEB), lane keeping assist (LKAS) three functions.

In addition, Fukuda Daimler Auman EST-A has also been equipped with intelligent assisted driving: automatic shift, lane keeping and ramp aids and so on.

It is true that the ultimate goal of major domestic car companies to achieve a high degree of driverless, but because of national policies, road conditions, etc. also need to be further improved, the path of resistance and long. So in the following period, it will be a better direction to improve driving safety and transportation efficiency by popularizing ADAS system.

The artificial intelligence company Horizon is just seeing the future of the domestic truck industry as well as the current application of the domestic market, taking this opportunity to enter the truck field and pave the way for its continued smart driving. Perhaps the truck market is not yet aware of the horizon and has long been known in the field of artificial intelligence. The founder is Yu Kai, former president of Baidu Research Institute, who said that smart driving is a key R & D focus on the horizon.

CareDrive's lane departure warning system AWS650
CareDrive's anti collision & lane departure warning system AWS650

The ADAS system will be the only way for the development of truck technology in the country. Just as Tesla has released the new Semi electric truck, it also confirms that the truck industry will be the first to capture ADAS's auxiliary pilot. However, it is not a new car to configure ADAS. Aftermarket, there are mature auto safety products such as the CareDrive brand smart car safety system AWS650 with functions such as lane departure warning, forward collision avoidance and distance warning. CareDrive Product Inquiries: marketing@care-drive.com, Sales Phone: 0086 20 66617197, CareDrive Brand Official Website: http://www.care-drive.com.

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