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CareDrive: seven tips to prevent fatigue driving


CareDrive remind the driver: sleep before going to sleep full of sleep, in addition, there are seven tips to prevent fatigue driving!

At 17:20 on February 17, 2018, Lu Mou driving a bus from the Moon Bay reclamation terminus to Nanshan Central Terminus, passing through the vicinity of the Tianhou Temple station in Chiwan Liu Road (west to east) Traffic accidents that collided with the central separation belt of the road and the main impact of the collision were located on the left front of the bus. The road isolation belt was damaged and no one was injured. Shenzhen traffic police through the video surveillance playback found on duty drivers there is dozing off suspects.

Seven tips to prevent fatigue driving

CareDrive remind the driver: sleep before going to sleep full of sleep, in addition, there are seven tips to prevent fatigue driving!

1, active body

In the intermittent parking, you can get off the body to move, if not convenient to get off, you can seize the opportunity to twist the neck in the car, shaking his shoulders, fighting in the car to do some of the more beneficial to inspire.

2, listen to music

Listen to music is a good choice, but to pick those rhythmic music, "extravagant voice" will only play a hypnotic role.

3, adjust their own visual center

Do not keep your eyes on the centerline of the highway. Be sure to keep a safe distance in front of you when driving at high speed.

4, appropriate to reduce the temperature inside the car

If the car is too warm, comfortable, will increase drowsiness. You can use the car air conditioning to lower the temperature, if it is night, you can open the window blowing cold air.

5, to avoid high-risk driving time

Early morning and afternoon 3:00 to 4:00 is the body most likely to sleepy, prone to dozing, mental accident car accident, it is best to avoid driving in this time period.

6, eat more carrots and cabbage

Vitamins are truly soothing agents that dispose of metabolites that people accumulate as soon as they are tired. Autumn fruits and vegetables are very rich, such as tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, potatoes, grapes, pears, citrus, carrots, cabbage, apples, kelp, soybeans, potatoes, etc. These are food to prevent fatigue, can help overcome the tired , Should eat more, at the same time, remember to eat less greasy meat.

7, use special equipment to avoid accidents

In the car to install a special fatigue driving detection system, such as: CareDrive fatigue driving warning system MR688, can effectively detect the driver driving drowsiness, distracted driving (looking around, smoking, calling, yawning, etc.), speeding and other bad Driving behavior and immediately issued a sharp alarm to remind drivers to promptly avoid accidents. There are different versions for private cars and commercial vehicles respectively.

CareDrive driver drowsiness detection system MR688
CareDrive driver drowsiness detection system MR688

The driver should have enough rest before driving to maintain a good mental state and avoid fatigue driving. CareDrive's dream is to make every driver safe to go home! CareDrive's official website: http://www.care-drive.com.

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