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Anti Collision System AWS650

The collision avoidance system AWS650 combines image identification, risk estimate and other unique algorithms, which are completely compliant with international road condition, traffic laws and drivers’ habits. Collision warning system AWS650 works as a “third eye” to predict the potential crash around all day.

The Sony high definition CCD sensor inside enables crash avoidance systems AWS650 to detect the vehicles and lanes within 100 meters. With the coordination of the high speed DPS image processing module, it shoots 20 pictures in every second, calculates the distance with vehicles ahead and road lanes, interprets the data as the critical information to prevent accidents, to make sure of the image’s instantaneity and accuracy.

Anti collision warning system AWS650, as an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), can effectively prevent and reduce unintended lane departure, tailgating, or collision accidents caused by fatigue driving, distraction, green-hand driver, and other unexpected situations. It builds a relaxing and comfortable driving environment for drivers. Besides, CareDrive focuses more on improving the drivers’ safety awareness and driving habit, thus fundamentally reducing the road accidents.

As a product that can be used independently and in combination with your telematics system, AWS650 provides you a perfect solution to help Minimize the occurrence of accident and cope with critical challenges involved in fleet management.

  • Forward Collision Warning (FCW)

    The rear-end collision is one of the most common accidents caused by driver fatigue or distraction. AWS650 calculates the distance and relative speed of two vehicles, makes early visual and audio alarm to alert drivers to potential hazards.

    AWS650 provides warning alerts up to 2.7 seconds before a collision, allowing enough time to take action.

  • Lane Departure Warning (LDW)

    Vehicle anti collision system AWS650 detects and calculates the distance from vehicles’ wheels to lane markings, combining drivers’ driving characteristic, to judge whether there is a lane departure danger or not.

    AWS650 warns drivers up to 20 cm before deviating the lane, allowing enough time to take action.

  • Headway Monitoring & Warning (HMW)

    Keeping safe distance from front vehicle is very important. It allows enough time to react and avoid accidents when when the front vehicle suddenly stops.

    AWS650 calculates the distance and relative vehicle speed, alerts drivers in time to reduce the risks of collision.

  • Video Output Function (VOF)

    CareDrive’s anti collision system AWS650 can output the lane recognition effect, vehicle recognition effect, vehicle signal etc. by overlaying them to original image through OSD function, which enables car video to record directly.

    So actually it has equivalently added other secondary functions like the high-performance foresee camera, black box, points record and so on.

  • Integrate with Fleet Management System (IFMS)

    AWS650 can integrate with CareDrive’s driver fatigue monitor MR688 and GPS tracking system MRVL.

    With forward collision warning, lane departure warning, fatigue warning, vehicle tracking and other intelligent function, it becomes a strong, efficient, safe commercial fleet management system, helping fleet to reduce 90% of safety accidents and correct drivers’ bad driving habits.


  • Over Speed Warming (OSW)

    Injury caused by over speed is fatal. When AWS650 detects vehicle speed over the setting value, it will provide warning alerts. It help drivers aware of speeding driving.


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