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GPS Tracking System MRVL

GPS Fleet Management Tracking System MRVL is specially developed for the integration with Drowsy Driver Alert System MR688 and Anti Collision Warning System AWS650 to realize a better vehicle fleet safety management. This system is made up of GPS Fleet Tracker MRVL-T1 and GPS Fleet Tracking Client MRVL-C1.

With a high-end GPS module and a GSM module built in, MRVL can timely and accurately obtain vehicles position data all around the world and monitor drivers of real-time driving situation to effectively improve driving safety.

1. GPRS(TCP/IP) communication

2. Track vehicle real-time location

3. Monitoring function and two way communication

4. SOS emergency call

5. Directly integrate with driver fatigue monitor MR688

6. Set parameters to MRVL and MR688

7. Automatically adjust alarm sensitivity according to vehicle speed (for MR688 RS232 version only)

8. Read MR688 fatigue images and save to SD card (for MR688 RS232 version only)

9. Automatically upload fatigue images to server

10. Directly integrate with anti colpsion warning system AWS650

11. GPRS blind area supplement transition, can transit up to 200pcs data

12. Automatically delete SD card’s early photos, no need to delete manually

13. Produce speed pulse according to GPS speed, the pulse coefficient is adjustable


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