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anti collision system aws650

1. When the product will begin to work?

When the vehicle with power, then it can work, but the FCW and LDW functions have the start up alarming speed, the default alarming speed is 30KM/H. When the driving speed is higher than the alarming speed 30KM/H, then it will alarm when the driver has the collision danger.

2. Can we change the alarming speed?

Yes, you can set the alarming speed by the hand setting instrument. The level can be set from 30KM/H-150KM/H.

3. Is it any difference between FCW alarming and LDW alarming’s sounds?

LDW alarming sounds is “dididi”, FCW alarming sounds is “danger dididi”, when the front wheel is departure to the driving lane, the system will send out “dididi” alarming sounds, when the vehicle enter into the dangerous area, it will send out “danger dididi” alarming sounds to warn the driver pay attention to the front vehicle.

4. What is the distance of the front anti- collision warning, why is the time different for every alarming.

Front anti-collision has two different alarming mode, safety distance alarming and relative collision alarming. The alarming time is not a solid value, it is calculated according to the driving speed and two vehicle’s relative velocity. For the safety distance warning, it has 3grade sensitivity, user can set by hand setting instrument, the value is as followed:
High=1.2s, Middle=1.0s, Low=0.8s.
And for the relative collision warning, it doesn’t have the sensitivity grade, it will alarm when the relative collision is less than 2.7s

5. What is the distance of LDW alarming?

LDW alarming is on the base of front wheel, but according to the international standard and take into account of driver’s comfortable. It has 3grades of sensitivity, user can set by hand setting instrument.
High:when the distance between wheel and lane is less than 20cm, it starts to alarm.
Middle: when the distance between wheel and lane is less than 0cm. It starts to alarm(wheel is press on lane line)
Low: when the distance between wheel and lane is more than 20cm, it starts to alarm.

6. If there is FCW alarming and LDW alarming, how does the system handle it?

Because the dangerous of FCW alarming is higher than the LDW alarming, if two alarming coincide, only will send the FCW alarming.

7. How can the driver control or avoid alarm?

If the driver make turn signal when changing lanes, or brake when closing with front vehicle, it can control the system alarm. System will restart alarm function after 3seconds when finishing brake or turn signal end.

8. How can I do if the front side alert keep alarming when I actively speed up to overtake front vehicle?

The driver should turn on left signal before overtaking. At this moment the safety distance reminding still works, but the collision alert will be controlled automatically to avoid driver’s auditory fatigue.

9. How does the collision alarm give out if there’s a vehicle overtaken?

When there’s a vehicle overtaking from close distance, the safety distance alarm will give out at first. If the vehicle is too close, it will trigger collision alarm; if the front vehicle drives away acceleratory, alert will be relieved.

10. Does front alert include auto brake function?

Commercial vehicle’s braking system is pneumatic circuit; most of them don’t have ABS adjustment. In order to avoid more risk caused by braking lost, the device doesn’t have auto brake function.

11. Can the system’s image connect with video DVR?

Yes, the system can connect with the DVR to record the video.

12. How do drivers use our system to form safety driving habit?

The drivers should drive in self land, and turn signal to change land; control distance, avoid closer distance, then system’s alert will be reduced rapidly. As time passes, drivers can form a good safety driving habit.

13. Can your system connect with the fleet management system?

Yes, our AWS650 system can connect with the fleet management system to output the signal. We have two output method, one is I/O, and another one is rs232 serial interface.

14. What types of cars can be used?

Almost all the cars which drive on the road can use our AWS650 system, only some heavy machine can not be used, such as the mining truck, the size is huge and can not run on the city road.

15. What is the input voltage.


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